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Garage Door Myth # 3...BUSTED


MYTH # 3: A Garage door opener is just a luxury

garage door openerThey may have started out that way in 1926 when the founder of Overhead Door invented the electric garage door opener, but they were born out of necessity. As the first vehicles became more obtainable people needed somewhere to store the mostly open-top cars that kept their cars safe from the elements. These days garage door openers have many useful features. Convenience aside openers are now built for safety, security, and to increase the life expectancy of your garage door.  We believe every homeowner deserves the added peace of mind a new garage door opener can provide.


DC motors allow for a soft start & soft stop feature which enables the door to gently open &battery back up for garage door openers close to reduce wear. Internal diagnostics constantly monitor the operation of your door, stopping it when a significant change occurs. We also have the Battery Back Up system for the Odyssey & Destiny to keep your door running smoothly even when the power goes out.

Safety & Security


The auto-reverse feature required in every model by UL 325 prevents the door from crushing any obstructions when closing. Within a couple of seconds the door senses something is in the way and instantly opens. The remote controls are dual frequency; they will automatically seek out either the 315 or 390 MHz ensuring a more dependable signal so you're not left out in the cold. Protect your home & family with CodeDodger security on all models. With every press of the remote control, a new code is chosen from over 4 billion possible combinations preventing others from being able to copy your radio signal. The Sure Lock feature on every wall console disables any remote use of the garage door when you’re away. 


For all the techies out there we offer a network adapter which works in conjunction with accessories such as the Advanced Wall Console with LCD touch screen & the Door Report garage door wall consolehand held remote that signals you when the garage door is open. Whether it’s belt, chain, or screw driven, all of our new models are compatible with Car2U home automation systems & the Homelink built-in remote for vehicles.



We are currently giving away a free wireless keypad with the purchase of a new Legacy, Odyssey, or Destiny. Upgrade to a new garage door opener today so you can start reaping the benefits of having a secure, high-performance, quality product that will last for years. Your garage door will thank you for it! 

How to Program Your HomeLink System to a Garage Door Opener


Here are the instructions for programming your HomeLink system to the Odyssey & Destiny garage door openers. If you have difficulty, try the how-to video provided by Overhead Door Corporation at the end of the article.


Note: Some vehicles may require the ignition be turned on or the vehicle actually running to program the Homelink® transceiver.

To program a rolling code compatible Homelink® system, please follow these steps.

1. Press and hold the two outside buttons on the Homelink® system until the LED starts to blink, release buttons

2. Press and hold the desired Homelink® button and the transmit button on your rolling code transmitter at the same time until the Homelink® LED changes from a slow blink to a rapid blink. (Your Homelink® system is now programmed)

3. Locate the learn code button on your garage door opener. (These are located under the light cover or on the rear panel depending on model)

4. Press the learn code button on the garage door opener, a red LED will start to blink. (You will have 30 seconds to complete programming)

5. While the LED on the garage door opener is blinking, return to the vehicle and press the pre-programmed Homelink® button 4 times. (Or until the garage door operates). 

If you have problems with the Homelink® system please call 1-800-355-3515 or their website at: 


How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Remotes


garage door remoteOpener, transmitter, clicker, visor button, that thing you push to open & close the garage door...the handheld remote goes by many names and can stop working for many reasons. Regardless of the cause, it leaves you without the safety and convenience you depend on.

We do recommend replacing any garage door operating system that is too old. Models manufactured before 1999 have since been discontinued making parts expensive and difficult to find. Our new Odyssey & Destiny operators can be used in conjunction with a network adapter for high tech features such as LCD touch screen wall stations that can store contact information for your Overhead Door service provider and the DoorReport remote that emits a visual & audio signal when the door hasn't been closed. DC motors that provide a soft start & soft stop putting less strain on the garage door are available on all current models with a variety of price points. 

If a new garage door opener isn't in your budget right now, we're happy to test remotes for you at our Augusta or Portland location at no charge or try using these helpful troubleshooting tips to determine the cause: 


#1 Have you lost power recently? Heavy winds, extreme temperatures, ice & snow build up have left many without power this winter. This can fry the delicate circuit boards inside the operator and will require replacement. 


garage door wall station#2 Check all locks. Occasionally it's caused by something simple such as forgetting to unlock the garage door. Overhead Door wall stations come with a "vacation switch" on the top that disables the use of remotes while the homeowner is away. If you have one, switch it to the unlocked position.


#3 Check manual release. If you can open & close the garage door by hand, it's not connected to the operator. Reconnect & try the remote again.


#4 Check the battery. Replace if battery shows signs of corrosion. (A battery that has been leaking acid will be coated with a light green or white crust. Avoid contact with skin.) 


#5 Clean & adjust battery terminals. Use emery boards to clean corrosion from the battery terminals. If the battery seems loose, carefully squeeze the terminals toward each other to ensure proper contact.

wireless keypad

#6 Try reprogramming your remote. Refer to the instructions in the owners manual.

#7 If you have an exterior keypad try to operate the door by entering your PIN and pressing the open / close button. The keypad works on a radio frequency like your remote - if it doesn't work, your remote might not be the only problem.


#8 Check safety sensors. Located at the bottom of the garage door opening on either side of the track system, the sending eye & receiving eye both have a tiny LED light to indicate when there is a problem. Carefully wipe the lens clean with a soft rag & adjust them if out of alignment. Both LED's should be solidly lit. A blinking light or no light at all may require a service call if the troubleshooting guide of your owners manual doesn't help you solve the problem.


#9 Soft or sticky buttons? The door should activate with one press of the remote control button. If it sticks or if you have to press it several times to operate the door, the remote may have reached the end of it's life expectancy.


#10 Replace the remote. Some older models have been discontinued. We now offer the Master Remote compatible with Overhead Door brand operators manufactured from 1993 to present.



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